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Main Pod Girl

Nov 20, 2021

Hit songwriter Amy Allen joins AJ and Sola to celebrate the release of her new EP, AWW! We also dive into the songs she's written for other artists, including "Adore You" by Harry Styles, "Without Me" by Halsey, and "Back to You" by Selena Gomez! Stick around until the end of the episode to hear the best advice she's recieved as a songwriter and the difference between writing a sappy song and a touching song! You can follow Amy at @amyallen, Sola at @iamsolamusic, AJ Marks at @ajmarksofficial, and Popheads at r/popheads on Reddit, @popheads on Twitter, or @popheadsreddit on Instagram. And as always, episodic artwork by @crxpeek.

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